Regular Home Cleaning

First time booking a home or residential cleaning? Our Regular Home Cleaning was designed to delight your senses while making your life easier. Our professional housekeepers will treat your home to tender loving care, with special attention given to your kitchen and bathrooms. And you don’t need to be there while our residential maids work. Just let us know how to get access—garage or door codes or a hidden key are perfect. We’ll do the dirty work while you make time for what matters most—you and your family! Use our Live Pricing & Real-Time Booking Pages to customize your home cleaning to your unique residential cleaning needs and get live personalized pricing as well as an instant online and email confirmation. Save when you book recurring visits!

What’s Included in our Regular Cleaning:


Kitchen: High dust and remove any cobwebs. Wipe and “polish” the outside of the cabinets. Wipe down the countertops and shine the sink. Clean Inside/ Out Microwave. Wipe down the exterior of the kitchen appliances, such as the refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher. Clean over the stove and remove any grease buildup (if possible). Wipe kitchen table and chairs (including baby’s highchair and booster seat). Wipe doors front/back. Remove all trash. Sweep and mop floors.

Bathrooms: High Dust and dust light fixtures. Clean mirrors. Scrub clean sink. Clean the Tub/Shower thoroughly and remove any stains or mildew (if possible). Scrub clean toilet bowl inside and out, including base and behind. Wipe doors front/back. Vacuum bathroom carpet(s) and mop the floor. Remove all trash. Sweep and clean floors.

Bedrooms: High dust and remove any cobwebs. Dust ceiling fans (If within reach). Clean mirrors (If any). Dust all picture frames. Dust all furniture. Change beds (Only if linens are left out). Wipe down all light switches and doorknobs, remove fingerprints—and clean closets (dust/vacuum/wipe down). Wipe doors front/back. Vacuum all carpeted areas. Remove all trash. Sweep and mop all floors.

Other Areas: High dust and remove any cobwebs. Dust all air vents. Dust all ceiling fans (that are within reach). Dust all light fixtures. Dust all picture frames. Dust all
shelves. Dust and wipe all furniture. Wipe down all light switches—clean sliding glass door (If any). Wipe doors front/back. Remove all trash. Vacuum all carpet areas. Sweep and Mop Floors.


All Extras are not included (must be selected for an additional cost)

The extra time included in deep cleans allows for more detailed work in the above mentioned Do’s